About Me

March 19th, 2018

My name is Daniel Schroeder, my online handle is usually deadlydog, and I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I completed my Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Regina in 2009, and am currently working at iQmetrix.  I have a passion for programming and have created some video games and websites; I especially enjoy creating tools for other developers, and tools for increasing productivity.  Automate EVERYTHING!

You can view my personal (and outdated) website here.

Some Software I’ve Created

Most software that I create is in my spare time is free and/or open source. Here is some software that I’ve created:

And here are some websites that I’ve made:

  • (2003) HelpfulPCTools.com – Free tools and advise about general pc maintenance (viruses, spyware, etc.). (Very outdated now).
  • (2005) PostYourWebsite.com – Search for other peoples websites, and post your own. (No longer exists)
  • (2007) DansKingdom.com – My personal site.
  • (2008) TheHotMap.com – An interactive search engine interface. This was created by myself and one other person.
  • (2009) XnaParticles.com – The project home of my Dynamic Particle System Framework.
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