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PowerShell Script To Get Path Lengths

October 24th, 2013 6 comments

A while ago I created a Path Length Checker tool in C# that has a “nice” GUI, and put it up on CodePlex.  One of the users reported that he was trying to use it to scan his entire C: drive, but that it was crashing.  Turns out that the System.IO.Directory.GetFileSystemEntries() call was throwing a permissions exception when trying to access the “C:\Documents and Settings” directory.  Even when running the app as admin it throws this exception.  In the meantime while I am working on implementing a workaround for the app, I wrote up a quick PowerShell script that the user could use to get all of the path lengths.  That is what I present to you here.

$pathToScan = "C:\Some Folder"	# The path to scan and the the lengths for (sub-directories will be scanned as well).
$outputFilePath = "C:\temp\PathLengths.txt"	# This must be a file in a directory that exists and does not require admin rights to write to.
$writeToConsoleAsWell = $true	# Writing to the console will be much slower.

# Open a new file stream (nice and fast) and write all the paths and their lengths to it.
$outputFileDirectory = Split-Path $outputFilePath -Parent
if (!(Test-Path $outputFileDirectory)) { New-Item $outputFileDirectory -ItemType Directory }
$stream = New-Object System.IO.StreamWriter($outputFilePath, $false)
Get-ChildItem -Path $pathToScan -Recurse -Force | Select-Object -Property FullName, @{Name="FullNameLength";Expression={($_.FullName.Length)}} | Sort-Object -Property FullNameLength -Descending | ForEach-Object {
    $filePath = $_.FullName
    $length = $_.FullNameLength
    $string = "$length : $filePath"
    # Write to the Console.
    if ($writeToConsoleAsWell) { Write-Host $string }
    #Write to the file.

Happy coding!